Why does my dog listen to my husband but not me

Why does my dog listen to my husband but not me?

Why does my dog listen to my husband but not me? If your dog has been listening to your husband and not you, this post will explain some likely reasons why and provide tips on what you can do.

Why does my dog listen to my husband but not me? There are a few possibilities for why your dog obeys your husband over you. Your husband may be the one who typically feeds and exercises the dog. Or your husband may have done more intentional training with rewards. Another potential reason is that you may have unintentionally rewarded the dog for not listening to you.

There are usually multiple factors at play. Your dog’s behavior could stem from a combination of these influences. However, there are a few steps you can take to understand the root reasons better and change how your dog responds.

Why does my dog listen to my husband

If your husband trains the dog or rewards listening with treats, the dog associates those positive outcomes with obeying their commands. You’ll want to do your training sessions and give praise/rewards when the dog listens.

You may have indirectly encouraged ignoring you by giving the dog attention or items when it disobeys. Instead, reward the dog for listening to and interacting with you positively.

Your husband’s communication style with the dog, like using calm body language and focusing on obedience, may elicit a different response than your approach. Try mirroring your husband’s successful tactics.

Consider the following to uncover the core reasons for the behavior:

– If the dog has always only listened to your husband, reflect on any changes in your interactions that corresponded with the shift.

– If the dog listens to you sometimes, note what you’re doing differently in those instances versus when it doesn’t obey.

– Make sure to step into the role of primary caregiver by feeding, exercising, and training the dog yourself consistently.

With patience and consistency on your part, the dog will learn you are also someone deserving of its respect and obedience.

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