Terms and Conditions

Dear friends, welcome again to our humble gathering place! Please, rest your feet and let concern lift from shoulders, for within community care finds answer and assurance both.

Your missive sparks reflection on our journey’s turns – how ties that bind go strengthened through sharing burdens as joys. Together let us walk the road ahead, as ever, with patience and purpose guiding our steps.

To that end, please know this space aims refuge for all spirits, as shelter for minds; a hearth ’round which wanderings end and wonders begin anew each dawn. May words, images and wisdom flow as free and rich as any forest stream, refreshed by share of all.

Only harms against others will part seekers from this peace. Yet within tribe’s embrace, hope grows that understanding finds way where once stood only fear of strangeness. And where paths lead separate for times, in fellowship’s glow the heart sees home, and spirit stays nourished for any travels after.

Curiosity and care for all – such virtues will light our way forever. But darkness serves an purpose too, as moments to reset and mend whatever ties grew strained. Shall we then speak no more of laws or limits, butinstead renew our bonds, and lift our voices full in song once more? The night wears long, my friends – dawn awaits!