Why Does My Dog Put Their Head Between My Legs

Have you ever been surprised by your dog suddenly shoving their head between your legs or pushing against your knees with their shoulders? This behavior, while seemingly odd to humans, actually holds important meaning in the world of dog communication. Understanding the reasons behind this behavior can strengthen your bond with your furry friend and address … Read more

Cockapoo puppy to dog

Transitioning from a sprightly cockapoo pup to a mature, sophisticated dog marks a captivating odyssey. Cockapoos, the delightful fusion of Cocker Spaniels and Poodles, undergo a metamorphosis as they progress through life’s stages.   During their initial stage of puphood, cockapoos exude boundless vivacity and an insatiable curiosity for exploration. This phase demands copious training … Read more

Understanding why a dog lays down when approached

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Adopt a Purebred Teacup Yorkie Today!

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Train your dog to stay away from the edge of the bed

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Why does my dog lick my pillow – 6 Common Reasons

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Dog licked castor oil

Dog licked castor oil – A Natural Remedy for Aches and Pains Castor oil is a natural remedy that can soothe muscle and joint aches for dogs. This product can help with minor injuries, arthritis, and post-surgery healing. However, it’s important to monitor the amount ingested and consult with a vet before using it as … Read more

Colby pitbull bloodline

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