Why Does My Dog Keep Stretching

Seeing our dogs stretch their body can be so charming to look at. Most often, they stretch their bodies when they want to go outside their comfort space or usually during their naps or right after one. Your four-pawed friend will usually lie down first before stretching his body, extending his back legs and front so that he can be thoroughly stretched and relaxed. 

But some dogs stretch their bodies for an unusual number of times. Maybe you also noticed that your dog does this and you can sometimes question yourself, why does my dog keep stretching? 

There can be a lot of factors why your dog stretches a lot, and we are going to talk about it one by one.

Your Dog is Tired

One of the reasons why your dog keeps on stretching his body is because he is tired. Your furry friend is just like you after a long day of work at the office, you stretch your body because sitting for long period of time makes you tired. My dog stretches a lot usually before going to sleep as it is exhausted during the daytime.

Old Age

Dogs are really just like us when it comes to the changes in our body due to old age. Their muscles and joints will be hardened, making it uncomfortable for them to move around. Stretching their bodies will help them lessen the stiffness of their muscles and joints and improve their body, avoiding any injuries in their muscles.

Trying to Convey Something

Dogs have a lot of ways to communicate with us, and one of them is thru stretching. By stretching too much, your dog usually wants to tell you something like he is not feeling well or hungry and wants to eat some food.

Being Friendly

Stretching is a way for some dogs to show respect to their owner. They also use this when greeting other dogs, as this is their way of communicating with each other. They also stretch when they want to be sociable and greet some strangers.


Stretching can help your dog feel better when it is experiencing some illness. Your dog will stretch a lot of his body when he is experiencing some discomfort, especially when sudden signs like vomiting or difficulty in breathing will show up. You need to continually check your dog in order for you to avoid any danger. Below are some samples of the dog’s illness with too much stretching as a symptom.

  • Severe Pneumonia

Dog stretching a lot while having difficulty in breathing is definitely a sign of a more severe illness. Due to old age, dogs can also acquire a lot of sicknesses, and one of them is severe pneumonia.

Pneumonia will cause the dog to have a fever, rapid breathing, and a cough. They may not be able to breathe because of the mucus that is blocking their nose correctly. With proper stretching, this will help them open up their chest and will also help in increasing their lung capacity so that they will be able to breathe correctly.

  • Acute Abdominal Pain

If you notice that your dog stretches a lot and then vomits, then this may be considered as a veterinary emergency as this sign is already life-threatening. Your dog must be experiencing acute abdominal pain.

When this happens, the stomach of the dog will become swollen, and he must feel and excoriate pain. If the dog is not brought to the veterinary immediately, then there is a huge possibility that the dog will go into shock and may cause some of its organs to rapture than lead to poisoning.

  • Pancreatitis

When your dog has pancreatitis, you will notice that your dog will stretch his body a lot, and your dog will have a fever at the same time. Your dog will be hunching over when standing and will always feel weak.

It has very similar symptoms with bloating and can be confused from each other. This is one reason you need to immediately send your dog to the vet so that it will be checked immediately.

It is Normal for Dogs to Stretch

Stretching is really a natural thing for a dog to do. Most dogs stretch their bodies when they are getting ready to do something like running or eating. They always make sure that their body, especially their muscles, are prepared for the things or activities that they are going to accomplish.

Stretching too often is not a reason for you, dog owners, to panic, and this must not cause an alarm or some sort. Sometimes, stretching a lot is their reactions to the things around them. If you started to notice that the stretching is not regular anymore, then the best thing to do is to bring it to the vet for their regular checkups so you will not be stressing excessively.

How to Help your Dog to Stop from Stretching Too Much?

Aside from bringing it to the vet, you can do some activities with your dog for it to stop stretching too much. One thing you can try is by taking them out for a good swim or by letting them try hydrotherapy. 

Hydrotherapy is a type of underwater treadmills for your dogs, and it has a lot of benefits. It can help your dogs from losing weight, and it can also help them in easing the pain they feel if they are injured. This can also support in maintaining the strength of those dogs who are already old.

Observing the movement and activities of your dog can help you determine what they want, what they are feeling, and what they are trying to communicate to us. Always keep in mind that stretching is suitable for your dog as it has a lot of health benefits. By being an excellent observer, stretching too much, you will know if the dog is stretching because of some illness or just wants to relax. 


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