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Found My Dogs Eating Chicken Bones – What Is The Right Thing To Do?

Have you ever woken  up one morning thinking how delicious your dinner last night was? It was a lovely dinner with your family and the buffalo chicken wings your mother brought are the bomb; they were super delicious!

As you were daydreaming, you hear something in your trash bin. When you turn around, you found out that these were your dogs eating chicken bones left last night. What should you do?

You will probably think that bones are a good source of calcium and other minerals anyway, at least they were not eating chocolates. Plus, you know that raw chicken bones are quite beneficial for your dogs.

But wait, these are cooked chicken bones that they are eating! Is this good or bad?

Well, I’ve been in this situation before and I find myself asking, “should I stop my dogs or not?”

What is the right thing to do?

Can Dogs Eat Peppermint Like an Awesome Treat? What is the Right Thing to Do?

Do you want to give your dog some treats and wonder if peppermint will do the trick? However, can dog actually eat peppermint? Check if they’re safe here!

Peppermint! Don’t we all love it? The sweet sugary taste of this Christmas candy just melts in your mouth. Or was it that peppermint flavor in your cool drink? I am sure that we’re not the only ones who enjoy this treat.

Have you tried giving these to your fur babies? Perhaps, it can be an awesome treat.

But then we ask ourselves, “Can dogs eat peppermint?”

Can dogs eat peppermint?


Peppermint is not really poisonous for dogs! So “YES”, dogs can eat peppermint.

Well yeah, it is strong but it can solve your dog’s bad breath and gas problems if taken in mindful amount. However, it may upset your dog’s tummy if given frequently or in large doses. It might make things more a lot messy.

There are this one mint species that is toxic to dogs called “Penny Royal” so no need to say, keep your dog away from it."

What worries me most is the food that goes along with it. Peppermint is a popular flavor that is mixed with drinks, candies, cookies and other food stuff that is delightful to eat. They serve as a sweetener substitute for sugar. Unfortunately, in food sites, peppermint is often mixed with xylitol when being manufactured, especially candies.

Important: A dose of xylitol will cause hypoglycemia that leads to coma and then death to your dogs. This can be found in your toothpaste, baked goods, and mouthwashes. So watch out for whatever your dog decides to put inside their mouth. Mostly, if the flavor is peppermint, along goes xylitol as a sweetener.

can dogs eat peppermint

I believe that however we love peppermint that much, it is a rare possibility that you will give your dog an overdose of peppermint.

Yet here are certain situations that you may have:

  • If you have given your dog a large amount of treat that contains peppermint in it, or xylitol for that matter. It can happen especially if there is a party and your dog smuggled a box of peppermint cookies.
  • When you have had mint essential oil. This can happen when you were looking for digestive disorder remedy and accidentally given your dog too much dose. Peppermint essential oil is too strong and is toxic.
  • When your dog has eaten leaves of “Penny Royal” plant. Very rare, indeed but this plant will cause fatal liver damage to your dog.
  • However, let us know the symptoms that come along with overdosage of peppermint. Above situations are rare but needs to be raised just in case it happens.

What are the Symptoms of Peppermint poisoning?

  • Lethargy - dog displays fatigue and sleepiness all the time.
  • Vomiting - Frequent puking may occur. This triggers an emergency situation as well as diarrhea.
  • Diarrhea - the Frequent passing of stool that is watery and painful.

What is the Right Thing for You to Do?

A lot of people believe that dogs are able to eat just about anything because they are omnivores. That is not the case. Just like us, they also have limitations. There are foods that make them sick. As their keeper, we must be mindful of what we give them.

Not all essential oils are good for the dog. Mint for one is toxic to the dog if given in large doses. If you mistakenly gave your dog mint essential oil, wash the oil off from your dog and contact the vet. Mint oils can damage dog’s liver. The earlier to bring him to the vet, the better.

When you found out that your dog has ingested food with peppermint in it, observe if your dog displays the symptoms mentioned above. The effect will vary depending on the amount your dog ate versus her size. Once you notice a symptom, bring your dog as soon as possible to the vet.

If you really love peppermint flavor and can’t resist sharing it with your dog, I recommend giving him food that you made yourself. If not, don’t forget to check food packages for harmful substances mixed with the peppermint.

Food with peppermint flavor usually contains a high level of calories. If you think your dog needs a “High-Calorie Dog Food”, it is safer to buy one that is recommended by your vet.

Do not give your dog peppermint candies or any other candies. Aside from the risk of xylitol, it is not good for their sugar level and dental health.

If your dog has eaten peppermint leaves, you need to bring him to the doctor right away. It would be good if you bring along a sample of the peppermint leaves for the doctor to check. It could be Penny Royal.


So now, can dogs eat peppermint? The answer is a yes. Pure peppermint plant is absolutely safe for your dogs, so yes, it is okay. However, you can give it in a moderate amount just for remedies. Anything in excess will do no good.

If you think that there is someone that would find this article useful, go ahead and share this article right away in any of your social media.

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