Can Female Dogs Orgasm?

The experience of procreation differs depending on the parties involved. People experience sex differently than animals do. That sentiment holds true for dogs.

Still, you may be a bit curious about how your pet experiences that aspect of life. Is that something they derive pleasure from or is it merely something they are driven to do out of instinct? Discover the answer yourself by continuing with the rest of this article.

Can Female Dogs Orgasm?

Having an orgasm is something that people experience when they engage in sexual intercourse. Now, is that something unique to us or can animals experience that too? You may be specifically wondering if your pet can have that kind of experience.

As it turns out, the experiences dogs have while engaging in sex differ significantly from ours.

An article from PetMD explains that dogs do not share our experiences when they have sex. The article goes on to detail that dogs do not cycle the same way we do. That helps determine the experiences they have during sex.

For people, engaging in sex is done for different reasons. People have sex because they want to have children and grow their families. At times, they also engage in that act because they derive pleasure from it.

Dogs do not get any kind of pleasure from participating in sexual activities. Getting back to the matter at hand, researchers believe that dogs do not experience orgasms.

Do Female Dogs Experience Pain while Having Sex?

We’ve established that sexual intercourse is not an activity female dogs participate in because they get pleasure from it. Or at least, that’s what the available pieces of evidence are telling us at this point.

If engaging in sexual intercourse is not something female dogs enjoy, is it at least something that they are able to experience without any issues? That will depend on your pet.

You’re probably familiar with the copulatory tie that dogs may end up in while mating. After the male dog inserts his sexual organ into the female, it will stay in there until it returns to its original size.

Things that happen while the dogs are engaged in that copulatory tie can cause your pet to get hurt.

For instance, the male dog may be spooked by something while they are still tied. If that happens, he may accidentally pull out while his sexual organ is still swollen. The male dog suddenly pulling out at that point can be very painful for his female mate.

Sexual intercourse can also be painful for some female dogs due to her anatomy. A female dog with a narrow vagina may experience discomfort during mating. The male’s swollen sexual organ may be difficult for her to accommodate and that can lead to discomfort and possibly pain as well.

Instead of sex being a pleasant experience for your female dog, there’s a good chance that it is the exact opposite. Your pet may find the experience of having sex to be wholly unpleasant so be ready to comfort her if that’s the case.

Do Female Dogs Masturbate?

Given that female dogs do not experience orgasms, it would be fair for you to expect that to affect their habits. Since they cannot experience orgasms, you may think that masturbation is not something they partake in.

Logically speaking, female dogs not masturbating makes sense. However, that is not the reality of the situation.

You will still see female dogs hump and mount others. They tend to engage in those activities even more frequently when they are in heat.

So, why do female dogs masturbate? The reasons listed below explain why they still engage in that habit.

Following Her Instincts

A female dog in heat will act differently when she senses a male dog nearby. More specifically, you may see the female dog engage in a bit of flirtatious behavior. They are doing that to entice the male into mating with them.

In some cases, female dogs may also mount any male dogs they encounter while they are in heat. Their instincts have taken over in that situation. That’s why they are masturbating.

Masturbating is not necessarily something they enjoy, but it’s something they feel compelled to do out of instinct.

Establishing Dominance

Actions that we perceive as sexually motivated such as mounting aren’t always as they seem when it comes to dogs. The reason why your female dog humps you or their fellow dogs could be something else entirely.

For instance, her motivation could be a need to establish dominance. Your female dogs may start mounting her peers in an effort to show that she is in charge. She may even start to mount you if she isn’t well-trained.

Not Knowing How to Properly Socialize

Socialization is an important aspect of raising your pet. Through socialization, you can teach your pet how to act around other people and their fellow dogs.

If you don’t teach your dog how to socialize, she may not act properly around others. Instead of leaving other pets alone or just relaxing, she may attempt to initiate activities by mounting.

You probably don’t want your pet engaging in that kind of behavior when she is in the company of other dogs. Socialize her early on so you can reduce the odds of something like that happening.

Responding to Exciting Stimuli

Dogs turn into goofballs when they are excited. You’ll see them hop around, bark continuously, and even go zooming from one room to the next because of how excited they are.

Your female pet may also start masturbating because she is feeling the excitement. Once again, her decision to masturbate at that moment is not motivated by any sexual desires. She is just excited and that is what she did instinctively.

Acting Out of Habit

Some dogs also develop a habit of masturbating. If that habit is something that has been ingrained into their behavior, they may have a tough time dropping it.

Prevent masturbating from turning into a habit for your dog by training her while she is young. Discipline her properly so she can express herself in different ways.




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