How To Make A Puppy Sleep In Just 4 Simple Steps

How To Make A Puppy Sleep In Just 4 Simple Steps

Puppies are cute little creatures that you can cuddle and play with all day. But would you still count them as cute funbags when they’re howling, barking, and being completely stubborn while you sleep at night?

I remember the first few months when I got my dog. It was so hard putting him to sleep because he kept on running around and jumping on my bed until it was 3 in the morning. I was so frustrated back then because I didn’t know what to do.

Long story short, I ended up doing a little bit of research. It turns out that putting a dog to sleep basically lies in training and constant routines.

If you want to learn how to make a puppy sleep, all you have to do is to read on. This article will contain all of the information you need to know in order to effectively put your puppy to sleep every single time.


Things To Avoid

How To Make A Puppy Sleep

Before we get into how you can effectively put your puppy to sleep, let us first discuss the no-no’s you should avoid.

There’s only two things that you should really avoid if you want your puppy to get a good night’s sleep. The first thing is getting him excited, the second thing is putting him to sleep while he’s hungry.

Before you put your dog to sleep, just make sure that he has had his meal for the day. Also avoid playing with him 30 minutes before you put him to sleep. The remaining 30 minutes before your dog sleeps should be used to make him relax.

Avoiding these things will help your dog become relaxed and sleepy for the rest of the night.

Things You Need To Prepare

You don’t really need much to make your puppy fall asleep. Just prepare these simple items beforehand and you’ll be all good to go.

Time For Exercise

Try taking your puppy on an Exercise before you put him/her to sleep.

You will need to set a few minutes of your time to get your dog to exercise before you put him to sleep. Ample amounts of exercise is a good way to drain your dog’s energy. When a dog’s energy is depleted, the easier it can be to put him to sleep.

Try taking your puppy on a walk or playing a game of fetch for a couple of minutes before you put your dog to sleep.

A Crate

You will need a large crate that will comfortably fit your dog

You will need a large crate that will comfortably fit your dog. If you are using a used crate, make sure that it is completely clean, free of rusts, and most importantly, free of any fleas and other parasites that can get into your dog’s skin.

Blankets And Pillows

Prepare a pillow and a nice soft blanket to make your dog’s crate more comfortable

Prepare a pillow and a nice soft blanket to make your dog’s crate more comfortable. I have found that the best kind of blankets to use for dogs are fleece blankets because they’re soft and smooth at the same time.

As for pillows, try to go with something that doesn’t have any zippers, buttons, or other things that your dog can chew on or swallow.

An Indoor Potty

An Indoor Potty

You will need an indoor potty to avoid waking up to a large mess in the morning. After all, a puppy’s bladder is quite small. If you don’t have an indoor potty trainer at your disposal, you can also use a couple of newspapers or a floor rag.

A Chew Toy

Chews toys help dogs relax

Chews toys help dogs relax. Try get a soft chew toy like a small stuffed toy for your puppy. Avoid giving your puppy rawhide chew toys because it can cause serious health issues for your dog. Also avoid getting a chew toy with parts that your dog can easily bite off and swallow.

4 Steps For Making A Puppy Sleep


Exercise Your Puppy

Exercise Your Puppy

The first step to making a puppy fall asleep is exercise. Puppies are very energetic creatures, that’s why you should always try to deplete their energy through exercise so that they will feel tired come bed time.

There are several ways you can try to deplete your puppy’s energy. I personally love taking my dog on a short 20 minute walk. But if you can’t do the same, you can settle for an indoor game of fetch.

Try to exercise your puppy at least 30 minutes before his bedtime for best results.


​See To Your Puppy’s Potty Needs

See To Your Puppy’s Potty Needs

After exercising your puppy, the next best thing to do is to see to his potty needs. Give your dog a couple of minutes to pee or poop outdoors.

Puppies usually pee every 2 up to 4 hours and poop 1 up to 5 times a day. If your puppy isn’t able to poop or pee before he goes to bed, you should just settle for preparing an indoor potty area for your puppy.


​Prepare Your Puppy’s Crate

Prepare Your Puppy’s Crate

Once your puppy is all tired, it’s now time to prepare his sleeping area and his crate.

Try to place your puppy’s crate close to where you sleep. It is essential to keep your puppy close during the first nights of training to avoid having him roam around the house during the night.

Also avoid placing your puppy’s crate near areas where there are cords and electrical stuff that your dog can chew on. Simply keep your dog’s crate away from anything hazardous.

The next thing you should do is to prepare the inside of your puppy’s crate. Make sure that the crate is completely comfortable for your pup by placing a soft blanket inside along with a soft pillow.

Avoid setting up a potty inside your dog’s crate no matter how large the crate is. Doing so may only cause you to wake up to a puppy that’s drenched in his own pee.


Set This Routine Every Night

Make A Puppy Sleep

To get your puppy to sleep inside his crate, try to lead him there with a treat. Once he stays inside the crate, continue to give him one more treat.

Help your puppy relax inside his crate by not closing the door and by giving him rubs or belly pats. Continue to do so until your puppy is completely relaxed.

Once your puppy is completely relaxed inside his crate, try to slowly back away from the crate. If your puppy moves, try to make him relax by giving him a couple of pats and rubs again. Repeat this process until your dog is comfortable to be alone without you by his side.

The key to making your puppy sleep every night is the constant repetition of this routine. Start with the exercise, follow up with his potty needs, make his crate comfortable, and try to distance yourself from his crate further and further away for the following nights.

Doing this will subtly condition your puppy to eventually relax and sleep on his own every night in his own crate.

A Quick Recap

Putting a puppy to sleep can be quite frustrating if you have no clue whatsoever on how to do it. Remember, the key to putting any puppy to sleep is exercise, ample amounts of time to let your puppy go potty, a comfortable crate, and a constant sleeping routine.

Also keep in mind of the things you should avoid. Such as putting your puppy to sleep before he gets fed and playing with your puppy for about half an hour before you put him to sleep.

Avoiding these things and practicing the routine on a daily basis will certainly get you and your puppy a good night’s sleep.

If you have any questions about how to make a puppy sleep, please leave your feedback down below. Also feel free to share this article with others if you thought it was helpful. Thank you!


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